About us

Aton Projects has fifteen years of experience in the solar energy sector, making us one of the most experienced PV companies in the Netherlands. With Aton Projects, we have become a sought-after partner for large-scale solar projects. Together with our customers and suppliers, we are playing a major part in the energy transition in the Netherlands.


With Essent as our parent company, Aton Projects is one of the most stable EPC companies in the Netherlands. Essent is in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of the German company E.ON, making Aton Projects part of one of the largest energy companies in Europe. This puts Aton Projects in a strong market position when it comes to purchasing power and financial stability.


Our experienced team

With an experienced team and a firm focus on safety and quality, it’s no wonder Aton Projects has attracted key players as regular customers. Our team consists of skilled project managers, and we employ our own engineers. Every project is designed and executed in detail, in line with strict quality requirements.

Operations and Maintenance

A proper PV installation needs to be well maintained. That’s why Aton Projects has its own R&D department. The installations we build are continuously monitored by our experienced experts. Our own inspectors and service technicians ensure that the systems operate safely for the years to come. Quality and safety are guaranteed thanks to our thorough preventive and corrective maintenance.