Volta Solarprojects becomes Aton Projects

Volta Solarprojects, part of Volta Solar, will continue to operate under the name Aton Projects. Aton Projects is fully specialized in the design, supply, and installation of large-scale solar energy systems.


Independent company

Formerly known as Volta Solar, Aton Projects has since established itself as an independent company. That is the reason why a new name has been chosen for the company. Aton Projects carries out large-scale, industrial solar energy projects on behalf of leading developers in the market. These include projects on large-scale roofs, ground-mounted solar parks, and floating solar farms.

Aton Projects has gained a lot of knowledge and experience by working on more complex projects. These include solar parks that have been constructed on water, waste heaps, embankments, and carports. We have also started working with battery systems. Once the projects have been completed, we continue to provide the necessary operations & maintenance services. We have our own service teams and a network of subcontractors to carry out this work.

Growth potential

Aton has 15 years of experience in the field, and we have plenty of scope to grow and develop over the next few years. Our experienced team is constantly expanding to stay in tune with the latest developments in the market. With the successful completion of many projects in the last few years, Aton Projects has proven to be a reliable EPC company for large-scale PV projects. We are currently working on projects of up to 80 MWp and have the ambition and potential to complete even larger projects for our customers.

Aton Projects is also expanding its business operations to other countries – this year, we will be finalizing our first projects in Germany. It is possible that we will expand our operations even further afield, depending on how the market develops.

Part of the Essent group of companies

Aton Projects is part of the Essent group of companies that is in turn a wholly owned subsidiary of the German company E.ON. Aton Projects is therefore part of one of the largest utility companies in Europe. This puts Aton Projects in a strong market position when it comes to strategical purchasing power and financial stability.

Any further questions?

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